About Sati



Sanskrit for Mindfulness.

As a Reiki and Massage Therapist, a 500-Hour Certified Yoga teacher, and a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, I put into practice the concept of Sati, along with the three-body experience of healing; training the physical body in mobility, strength and balance, training the astral body (Mind*) in awareness and self-reflection, and the training the spiritual body (Soul/Self*) in compassion and unity. With these principles, I help to enhance my client’s quality of life. I emphasize the healing and restorative benefits of massage, coupled with the self-discipline of Yoga, united in helping to stimulate healthy functions within the lymphatic system, connective tissues, organs, and endocrine system. Manual manipulation of the body, in tandem with exercising through Asana, works together to strengthen the muscular, circulatory, and skeletal systems as one unit. I am dedicated to the philosophy that a healthy body and mind equates to a happy and prosperous life. Not only do I strive to share my passion for health and fitness with my clients, but also to create a welcoming environment and community within our business.